Local rules

White - out of bounds R27
Red - lateral water hazard R26
Yellow - water hazard R26
Blue - land under construction R25
White spray - land under construction R25

Stones in the bunker
Stones in the bunker are removable interception objects, the rule 24-1 from the rule book is suitable.

​Stone fences
Stone fences are an organic part of the course, the rule 24-2b from the rule book is suitable.

​Aiming symbol
The black and white pole (aiming symbol) is an unremovable interception object. The rule 24-2 is suitable.

Protection against newly planted trees
If a newly planted tree with a support pole or marked with an orange string or marking have an interception on your swing you shall pick up the ball and drop it according to the rule 24-2b.

​Longitudinal marking
All the markings and poles on the course which marks the distance to the green mesures to the center of the green. All these markings are unremovable interception object. The rule 24-2 is suitable.

White marking - 200  meters to the center of the green
Yellow/black pole - 150 meters to the center of the green
Red marking - 100 meters to the center of the green

Rangefinders, which only mesures distance are allowed in all tournaments.

Wintergreens on holes where ordinary greens are in use, defined by a "greencut" area, are land under construction and your not allowed to hit the ball from that area. If your ball lies in that area you have to drop the ball accordning to rule 25-1.